Day for Writers 2017

July 21-22 2017

SSAC and The Steamboat Writers Group will host the 36th annual writers conference. Make  plans now to take advantage of early registration. Because this event accomplishes a direct connection between writers and instructors,  only a limited number of participants are accepted.

Registration will open mid-April. Two widely recognized authors will lead four workshop sessions.

Retired Air Force intelligence officer, Laura DiSilverio is the national best-selling author of 17 mystery and suspense novels (including the Lefty- and Colorado Book Award-finalist Swift Investigations series, the Readaholics Book Club series, and the Mall Cop series). A Past President of Sisters in Crime, she pens articles for Writer’s Digest, and teaches writing in various fora.

Laura DeSilverio

DiSilverio will focus upon plot construction that centers on a character who acts in a way readers find satisfying. In addition, she will discuss setting up a great series that carries a character arc over the course of several books

Laura Resau is the award-winning author of eight highly acclaimed novels for young people is loved by youth and adults alike.  Cultural anthropologist, ESL teacher, and student, Resau has been included in the Américas Award and in spots on Oprah’s Kids’ Book Lists.  Her writing has been called “vibrant, large-hearted” (Publishers’ Weekly) and “powerful, magical” (Booklist).

In Resau’s workshops, she will share strategies that have helped her finish and publish her eight books, and offer an understanding of writing the successful novel, for both teens and adults. Her utilization of setting and character point to a multi-sensory experience readers cannot resist.

Write, Write, Right!