Gerry Denofsky

Gerry Denofsky
Gerry Denofsky


EDUCATION: AB Degree University of Detroit 1964. International Relations/Pol. Sci./History. Two years of engineering courses. Some graduate courses in Guidance & Counseling while serving in the USAF.

MILITARY: 2 years Michigan ANG. and 4.5 years active duty USAF. Officer Training School and Air Traffic Control School. Most time in Air Force was duty as Flight Facilities Officer responsible for air traffic control functions and navigation aids.

Left USAF with rank of captain. Flew light aircraft with base flying clubs.

BUSINESS AND EMPLOYMENT: Owned and operated a wholesale distributing company, Western Slope Distributors, Inc. after moving to Steamboat Springs in April 1971. Warehoused and sold janitorial supplies, beverage equipment and supplies and was a distributor for Coca-Cola and Seven – Up. Had 4 – 6 employees at various times. Sold business in 1983.

Sales Representative for Mountain States Specialties, Boulder, CO. 1983 – 1986. Sold gifts, souvenirs, apparel, to regional retailers. Established post card business on the Western Slope of Colorado. Helped design and artwork for logos and resort marketing.

Manufacturers Sales Representative working out of Denver Merchandise Mart selling giftware, décor, apparel, and resort specific items, in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Worked for same sales group for 8 years.

Publisher’s book representative in educational market for Grolier Pub. and several independent publisher groups until 1997 after moving back to Steamboat Springs full time to build addition on home at 144 Spruce St.

Worked as a Loan Originator for Fairway Lending Group, Steamboat Springs and Front Range 1997 until the Steamboat office was closed in 1999. Also worked with a commercial lending group in Denver originating commercial loans in Western Colorado.

Employed at ACZ Laboratories in Steamboat Springs starting December 2000 as purchasing and inventory control. Also performed building maintenance functions and monitored HVAC systems, Deionized water system, and wastewater neutralization system. Officially retired from ACZ in December 2012.

Owned a Cessna 182 aircraft from 1995 until selling it December 2012. Based at SBS from 1999 until 2012. Hold a Private Pilot License, SEL. and have logged 1500 hours as PIC. Was president of local pilot’s group, Northwest Colorado Aviators for 2 years and have been one of the main organizers, since 2000, of the annual SBS Labor Day weekend fly-in, now known as the Wild West Air Fest.



Bill saw that it was Susan calling and grimaced as he always had a hard time hearing her on his cell. She was the one person he wanted to listen to and not sound stupid when replying.

Susan: “Bill, I’m desperate! How do I Indent paragraphs and change fonts or whatever on Word? Why are words flagged with those colored squiggles? And.”…

Bill: “Wait – What? I’m not sure I’m getting all this. Why are you asking about indentured servants? Some history project for your students? What fountains are you talking about and why do you want to change them? Fountains in Denver are shut down for the winter anyway. There are fountains galore in Rome. We could go to Italy together. That would be fun and I need a break anyway. Talking about squiggles, I do have an extra American flag if you want one.”

Susan: “ No – listen to me! How do I attach photos to emails? It keeps asking me to save stuff. Uh – do you still have that typewriter in the closet? “

Bill: “Um, I’m getting a little fuzzy here. You need to see a financial consultant about savings but I do have that 1932 Underwood typewriter I got at a garage sale for twenty-five bucks. By the way, who the hell is this Emil you’re so attached to? I thought you didn’t like the French.”

Susan: “ Dammit Bill, you just don’t listen to me! Is your hearing even worse now? I thought you were getting hearing aids. I’m asking about using that new Word program for Mac you got me. I’ll call Carol. She uses a Mac too.”

Bill: “Wait a minute. You’re right as usual. I get it now. I’ll go get those new state of the art digital hearing aids I just got from the VA and we can go over this.”

Susan: “Never mind now. I’ll just ask Carol or one of my kids at school, although they will probably smirk and laugh at me because I’m not doing this on my IPhone. How hard can it be if you can do this stuff?

Bill: “Thanks for the compliment, I think. I haven’t figured out those hearing aids yet anyway. They have to be programmed like a computer. Don’t try that Word “help” button either as it’s useless. I think I will send you “Word for Dummies”. I better get one for myself come to think of it. If I order in the next two hours I can get two books and two squeeze ball stress relievers all for just $19.95! What a deal, eh? If the book doesn’t help ask Emil for help.”

Susan: “Well, I’ll look for the book, although I’m not sure I want to use something written for dummies. I could use the stress ball though. There is no Emil you dummy. It’s email!

I remember when you used to get me jewelry!”

Bill: “OK already, I get it. Help is on the way and, in the meantime, ask one of your kids at school – as long as his name isn’t Emil that is.