In Memoriam

Sadly, over the years we have lost a few members. We would like to remember them here.

Susan de Wardt, 1948-2018      BA, BSME, CAPF, CJF-M/S, Poet, teacher, storyteller and friend.


Michala “Mickey” Miller, 1933-2012 Author of “The View from the Folding Chairs” and “Westward in a Trunk.”


Sara Jane Patton, 1952-2015 Author of “The Land of Marzi Pan.”


Bill May, 1928 – 2007 Songwriter, Cowboy Poet, and Rancher


Gyongyi Balazs, 1926-2013.


Mary Calhoun Wilkins, 1926-2015, Author of many children’s books
John Whittum, 1931-2019.
Author of Reflections of Northwest Colorado
Ernie Weiss, 1931-2019,
Author of Out of Vienna: Eight Years of Flight from the Nazis