Kimberly Erickson

Kimberly Erickson

Kimberly’s current project is a memoir of her experiences as a female student in a predominantly male evangelical seminary.

To know more about her please visit: Unlikely Theologian.

From Kimberly’s blog:

“Were I a woman of color, the burden of being female would be compounded by one more heavy detail: the pigmentation of my skin.

Whether born upon these lands only to have sacred grounds stolen; whether kidnapped, tortured, chained, and forced to live here; or whether risking one’s life to escape oppression in search of a safe place for one’s children; we who have known privilege are accountable to all people, of all skin colors, who have experienced subjugation at the hands of our ancestors, and the oppression we often continue to impose. We must be compelled as humans to move forward, shouldering the pain of our brothers and sisters, so that past anguish and humiliation might resurrect these lands into a country which offers genuine freedom, respect, and love.

My shoulders as a woman are strong, but I don’t have to fear that one of my sons might be handcuffed, shot or have his last breath denied him, because of the color of his skin…”