Rondell Audrey Ferguson

Rondell Audrey Ferguson
Rondell Audrey Ferguson

De Ice

Take off

Winter blue snow — falls

Contrasts the newly spring air, wet aroma clean

Hard airport network surrounds owning time

Then turning gently memories seeing love, purpose, sons

Gathering forward drifting, reason to leave

Boarding noises invade, roars into focus

Control tower now fades stolen by fog

Winter blue snow — fear

Take off

Morning Light

Ah  ……  but morning, snow, non color, muted light sifting silently, slowly, but with surprise, like on tip-toe into the sky, softly putting a painter’s touch of delicate rose awakening.

Gentle.  Delicate symphony of snow resting – holding in endearment upon the aspens, the pines – different character.

Aspens so abstract, a maze – the eye gets lost-fascinated, cadence violins.

The pines – harsher, more contrast, not as subtle – but so perfect – each flake making purpose with every pine needle and pointed piccolo topped.

There had been no wind.

Roar on the Beach

He finally walked over and stood by her side, said, I watch you sweet lady on the horses you ride.

But her mind with her body and wind did collide, she only knew oceans, and her heart it did hide.


Ah the roar on the beach it does call her to ride with the beauty of madness along with the tide.

Replying with wishes she felt in her dreams to that man who walked over, it’s not what it seems.

Moonlight and heartache and what does it mean… she rode from him quickly back into her dreams.

chorus 2:

Ah the roar on the beach it does call to her will with the silence of madness he watches her still.

Silver Straw

I drink my coffee through his matte silver straw

see the crow fly over the mountain wall

hear the wind rushing, moaning surrounding all

touch the moment clearly awaiting his call

feel calmness surrender as rain begins to fall

I drink my coffee through his matte silver straw


awakening into the sudden white steepness hill,

alive brightness excites,

overlooking onto distance,

flying falling over canyon,

ecstasy soaring so steep the descent,

body holding gripping snow cliff,

tracks touching back of coat,

flying over wonder,

stay forever here sunlight trance,

let me fall,

let me be,

snow brightness canyon cliff extending,

forming steps then melt away,

listen, listen,

take me to know you wind wild forces,

I am spirit who rides over canyons, cliffs, hills.

I need your wilderness to fill my longing soul,

take my deep surrender flowing places unseen,

live beside me strongly and add to my dreams,

breathe paths through the mysteries now to be shown.

replace the fear of never to know.