Sandra Sherrod

About the Author: Sandra Sherrod. In 1999 I won the Texas PEN fiction- writing contest. That event spurred me to take my writing seriously. Prior to that time art had been my major creative outlet. I had worked on a series on young-adult fantasies forever, it seems, always abandoning the work. Even though fantasy is my major writing expression I had a difficult time getting the fantasy and the characters together. Finally I created the Land Where Anything is Possible and the characters fell into place. After working on this project for twelve years, I am finally releasing the stories in a series of 100 page novels.

My other novels are adult magical realism. I submitted three short stories with a similar theme to the Texas PEN Contest and won. From those short stories I’ve created the novel “Shadow on Running Water”, a story about several Western families and the mystical force roaming the land—a force spawned by the Indians who lived here for centuries. This novel requires one more rewrite and should be complete in 2017.

“The Embrace”, the working title of a novel, about water, land and a mother who refuses to die, should be finished in 2018.


How To Murder A Mouse

“How to Murder a Mouse”
A Young Adult, Adult Fantasy

Sidney chews the pages from the books left by the Greater Being in the upstairs library. As the letters pass over his tongue he reads the words and concocts his philosophy of life.

Harvey is the Informed Mouse responsible for the clan. When Harvey has a question of a profound nature, he climbs the stairs to Sidney’s library and asks his question. Sometimes Harvey understands Sidney’s profound statement, but usually he leaves just as confused about life and death issues. So, Harvey ventures into unknown territory seeking his answers.


The Land Where Anything is Possible Series is a fantasy for nine to twelve year olds. The story takes place in the Greater Universe, a land parallel to Earth but not touching. Primcella and Mericolt are studying with Helena the Most High when Tralog, the Universal Reject, plans his attack on the Land Where Anything is Possible. Tralog wants to force Helena out of the Main castle and claim the Most High throne for the Universal Rejects. Primcella and Mericolt lives are turned upside down. Instead of continuing their studies, they travel the Greater Universe, the In-Between world and even Earth to outwit Tralog and the Universal Rejects.

“Where’s Primcella (Book 1)

Primcella takes a dive out of the Land Where Anything is Possible with the Pearls of Wisdom and lands on Earth. Auntie Clare, a former Most High of the Land Where Anything is Possible, rescues Primcella. Why am I here? Primcella asks. With her ability to plant-speak and animal-speak Primcella learns that she and Auntie Clare are supposed to protect the Pearls of Wisdom and keep them safe from the Universal Rejects.

Mericolt's Secret
Mericolt’s Secret

Mericolt’s Secret (Book Two)

Mericolt made a grave mistake. He left the library door open and Tralog stole the Pearls of Wisdom. Now Mericolt has to rescue Primcella and the Pearls of Wisdom or he’ll be brought before the Universal Court and accused of a crime against the Greater Universe. Mericolt’s mother gave him a space-cutting knife, along with a warning that the knife was the greatest secret he’d ever have and he must use the knife only in an emergency. Is this an emergency? he wonders. Will he have to use the space-cutting knife.