Joe McManus

Joe McManus

We just moved to Steamboat Springs from North Andover, MA. During my career I wrote about my work in Healthcare Administration. Since retirement, I now write for family members who encourage me to document my life. I hope that will interest many future generations.

Sunday 24 July 2022

Tall Grass by Joe McManus

Recently during your Day for Writer’s Workshop, you went over to Mary Taylor Young’s bone box and picked up my right jawbone. You brought that part of me to your writer’s table. Your group completed the observation exercise. You tried to image my life.

Alive and roaming the Rocky Mountain High Country, I once lived as a handsome Bull Elk.  Your year 1927 on the human calendar counted off the days of my final grazing season.

As a leader of the heard in midsummer, our flock’s year had arrived at high noon.