Pat Curran

Pat Curran

Patrick Curran, an award-winning industrial film maker for the Coca-Cola Company, earned master’s degrees in English literature and Organizational Design. After serving four years in the US Navy as an Explosive Ordnance Diver including one year as a Team Leader in Vietnam, Pat joined The Coca-Cola Company as an internal consultant working in the US and Northern Europe. After ten years with Coca-Cola, he became a partner with Keilty, Goldsmith and Boone (KGB) an organization change consultancy in La Jolla, CA. Ten years later, he launched his own firm, the Curran Consulting Group, and continued working internationally for ten more years.

Pat’s first book based on consulting in twenty-one countries was an organizational change textbook titled: COBRA: The X Factor in Strategy Execution. The COBRA framework has been implemented widely in the International Beverage Industry. After retiring, he wrote a second book, a Cold War novel on the hazards of uranium mining on the Colorado Plateau, titled: Acid Reign and the Rise of Eco-Outlaws. Both books are available on Amazon. He recently completed a second historical novel entitled: Alta’s Curse, which will be published later this year. Pat and his wife Joan purchased a home in Steamboat Spring in 2012. When in town, Pat is a regular at the Steamboat Writing Group.

Synopsis of:  Alta’s Curse

After languishing in Atlanta Federal Prison for nine years, Sam Alta Dryden headed home, committed to going straight. He was determined to sell off his moonshine empire, to win back the love of his ailing wife, Shelby, and to revitalize Tallapoosa, GA, a border town with a checkered past that was bypassed by the interstate.

Alta’s early success was promising: he regained the trust of his dying wife; he bought and operated two profitable hardware stores; he launched a major home building company; and was elected Mayor of Tallapoosa in 1976, the year of America’s Bicentennial. He was haunted, however, by the ominous advice of Doctor Dorothy Epstein, his prison psychologist, “Alta, yours is the curse of genius, you want to be the smartest man in the room and that makes you a sucker for every crooked deal that comes along.”

Alta had his setbacks, yet was redeemed by a good woman’s love. Mandy Tate, an ER nurse, was attracted to Alta but insisted that he walk the line. She also battled her demons, an addiction to dangerous men and a natural born pleaser. As they forged a bond from their fractured lives, Alta struggled to disengage from his outlaw buddies and an illegal gas tapping deal.


Sam Alta Dryden, a notorious moonshiner from West Georgia, is ready to put a stop to his criminal ways.

After nine long years in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, he heads home with the best of intentions. His early successes are legendary: he regains the trust of his dying wife Shelby; he sells off his moonshine empire; he launches a major home building company; and is elected Mayor of Tallapoosa. Yet, he is haunted by the advice of Doc Dorothy, his prison psychologist, “Alta, yours is the curse of genius, you want to be the smartest man in the room and that makes you a sucker for every crooked deal that comes your way.”

Fully aware of Alta’s flaws, his old moonshining buddies, seek to lure him into an illegal gas tapping deal. Can Alta resist the deal? Can he break the curse, or will it break him?