Trudy Wells-Meyer

“True happiness is . . . to want what you have.” — Trudy Wells-Meyer

Coming to America

We all harbor dreams of greatness; the size will be measured by our memories.” Anonymous 

At the airport in Kloten, Zürich, boarding a plane to London, from where I would travel to Southampton and embark on a German ship, the Bremen, for America, I hugged my father Adieu. He held me tighter than he ever had. His hug that day remains an unending feeling, and his words would linger in my ears. “Udi” — his nickname for me — “you will not come back.”

Schgruna” (my nickname for dad), “I am just going for one year,” I whispered in his ear. I was crying now. A father knows. . ..

Reading this inspirational book, a memoir as an anthology, a collection of essays, poetry and prose, (with pictures in color to fit the stories, poems and prose) about the school of life, courage and adventure, trust in fate, joy, heartache, resilience and — love — may evoke feelings about what love is — can be — or, simply help someone to believe in love and trust. Stories and poems about a belief something extra ordinary is possible, — inspiration laced with love.

 My Wisconsin-born husband Lew’s words: “This book reveals the key to happiness.”

I started writing late in life. I write in my second language. Swiss-born, I arrived in New York alone, speaking and understanding little English. I was 23.
I live in Scottsdale, AZ with my husband. I am a successful retired hair designer.

I cherish the gift of writing . . . a revelation of one’s personal reality. It feels like creating a world by the light of the mind and the heat of the heart finding music in words. Oh, and — poetry —, the impossible task of making the absent present, like photographing the invisible.

Poetry is the most precise form of expression that language has given me — when emotions find words.


A Rose for Mom

Life may not always give you what you want. May it always give you what you need.” — Anonymous

Sitting in a pew, I watch all mothers rush up front, to the
     altar surrounded by flowers, a pastor’s invitation,
          to receive a rose for being a Mom.
               Mother’s Day — a Mom — signature of life.

My emotions in check not ever being a Mom,
     chronic illness of nostalgia, a time
          missed like a deadline we ignore,
               the gate to memories never closes.

A belief in God’s will, my complex brain,
     no proud surrender,
          stop haunting me and come uninvited.
               God’s plan, no child of mine? I wish I could be certain.

Mom up in the big garden in the sky called Heaven,
     closeness beyond magic, her startling,
          bragging words ringing in my ears
               words I could never believe came
                    from my stern, oh, so strict Mom,

“My daughter can do anything.” Years later I would come
     to understand from a tiny seed of such praise
          would emerge an exceptional will to cause
               my hardworking mom to be right.

Now, realizing that I am my own mother — in words, actions
     I once feared I think of all the no-no-no’s growing up,
          war of words, reasons to leave . . . for America.
               Today — a distant memory.

My seldom smiling Mom, a child beaten by a drunken father,
     enough to make angels weep. Now I understand
          and hope my daily prayers will do someone,
               somewhere some good.  

I see a rainbow in the clouds near the edge of Heaven.
     Mom, this rose is for you . . . red for Love.
          Mother’s Day . . .  
               I was handed a rosebud moment.

“One does not choose the time to write . . . it chooses you.” Trudy Wells-Meyer

Writing has become my American life since 9/11 when I wrote my first story: “The Power of Prayer” a trip to Rome Italy, the Vatican — Audience with our Holy Father, Pope John Paul 11, that was chosen to be published by Goose River Press, in 2018, yet, resulted in my first inspiring book. Check Scottsdale Library, Literary Virtual Local Authors Book Talk Series (episode May 2021)

Coming to America . . . Living the elusive dream. Fate at work. Finding Love beyond the stars.

Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be             

When a reader finishes the book, it will be clear why the author chose the title. 

The dynamics of my writing world include Stories and Poetry published in six Goose River Anthologies 2014 – 2020, available on Amazon or Goose River Press, Waldoboro Maine.
Loose Mousse Publishing, ABSOLOOSE  volume 1 and  2, choice collections of poetry, and Living Springs Publishing, “Stories Through The Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2019.” (Interview by a reporter at the Local Arizona East Valley Tribune for the Sunday news edition.)

Winnings of Poetry and Writing contests and,  my great love for Soccer the world calls Football: Articles published, in USA Today’s Sports section. Letters to FIFA, the ex-President Sepp Blatter (and his answers), involving changes to Soccer/Football rules, with many fans’ signatures from all over the world.